FlashLaunch Alert — 21 Jani Leinonen NFTs offered exclusively to SWAP stakers

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FlashLaunch Alert — 20 Jani Leinonen NFTs offered exclusively to SWAP stakers


We have fantastic news for SWAP stakers.

Jani Leinonen, ‘the artist who decapitated Ronald McDonald’ is announcing a second NFT drop, part of the Swappable launch series.

Recently we launched Swappable, an interface for buying, selling, and trading NFTs. The historical event was marked by having Jani Leinonen, the world-renowned Finnish visual artist mint his first NFT drop exclusively for Swappable.

The NFT piece titled ‘Things You Own’ is an animated artwork constructed of logos of contemporary businesses — depicting Jani’s unique approach to culture jamming and anti-consumerism. The auction was open for three days, and the piece sold for 6.9 ETH.

Missed the fun or felt priced out?

FlashLaunch is a lottery-based system where SWAP stakers can win a prize which is usually an extra allocation in one of our launchpads — or in this case, one of Jani Leinonen’s 21 Swappable-exclusive NFTs, with 20 being offered via the FlashLaunch.

Here is how it works:

  • SWAP stakers will have twenty-four hours to submit a pledge, an intent to purchase one of the twenty-one NFTs.
  • Selected lottery winners will then be invited to place their bid on swappable.io (with the same wallet address they used to participate in the lottery).

The accepted bid price for one of these exclusive NFTs is 0.2 ETH and only the lottery winners’ bids will be accepted. This price of 0.2 ETH is way lower than the 6.9 ETH Jani’s 1 of 1 opening NFT sold for, and much less than his physical artworks which sell for 6 figures.

As is the case with previous TrustSwap FlashLaunch lotteries, the higher a user’s SwapScore, the more lottery tickets they receive and higher the chances to receive an invite to purchase a bid for one of Jani’s NFTs.

The twenty-one additional NFTs will represent your last chance to own not just a unique piece of work by Leinonen but also part of Swappable and TrustSwap’s history as it unfolds.

The FlashLaunch will open at 9am PST on Monday 13th September. Please visit the TrustSwap Dashboard to participate.

Interested members will need to stake at least 4000 SWAP to receive lottery tickets. Lottery tickets are assigned based on the table below. The lottery will be held at 2 pm PST on 14th September. The snapshot for the lottery ticket will be at 9 am PST of 13th September.

2X Bonus for Golden Ticket holders


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