The first UI demo of the Cardano NFT Marketplace has been released by Verlux | Cardano Impact

2 min read, a Cardano-based NFT Marketplace, has started its seed sale to early adopters on Cardano, running until the 9th of December. When composing this, practically 50% of the set aside 250 Million VLX tokens have been offered.

What is VLX CIRCULATION? How to process?

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Distribution of the $VLX Tokens will start right away, as earlier mentioned. Therefore, investors who took part in the $VLX token Seed Sale will get their tokens soon.

During token circulation, financiers who took part in the seed sale through an exchange wallet instead of a Cardano supported wallet are encouraged to call the Verlux group through with the following:

1. Transaction ID of the deal

2. A screenshot of the deal

3. A favored Cardano supported wallet address where VLX tokens will be sent out to

Details and details on how to take part in the seed sale workout can be discovered.

Ensure to check out our Token Utility and find why you must understand the chance of being an Early Adopter.

About Verlux

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Verlux NFT Platform is a brand-new NFT Marketplace based upon the Cardano blockchain. Unlike existing NFT markets on Cardano now which run utilizing a register/login modal, Verlux will tow the course of decentralization by using the link wallet function.

Digital developers, Meme makers & artists can use the Verlux NFT marketplace to mint their digital works as Non-fungible tokens that would be genuine as the information might be confirmed on the blockchain in a fast and straightforward way.

Verlux’s Mission

Verlux is on an objective to end up being the leading NFT marketplace on the Cardano blockchain and later on develop to a multi-chain digital marketplace where NFTs existing on other blockchains can be inter-tradable on a single user interface.

Listing your NFTs on Verlux will be very simple as you would require to link a suitable Cardano web-based wallet like Nami & Gero wallet, then click Mint NFT, and you will see an easy type to note your NFT, and you are set!

VLX Token

The Verlux NFT marketplace will be powered by VLX, the native energy token on the Cardano blockchain. VLX will be made use of on the platform in several methods like for included NFT listings, Stake To Earn and Also Stake To Earn Featured NFT Drops, Creator Profile confirmation, and Hot Sellers benefits.

The overall supply of VLX tokens is restricted to 1 Billion, implying that there can never be more than one billion VLX tokens around.

VLX Initial token circulation is crafted to guarantee proper preliminary circulation to early adopters while likewise guaranteeing optimum preliminary decentralization.

To avoid market adjustment, no Address will have more than 4% of the whole supply of $VLX tokens.

When introduced, VLX token holders will be able to Stake their tokens to make as much as 8% each year in VLX tokens.

How To Buy VLX Token?

VLX token sale is live now, and users can get $VLX tokens through the Velux Token Sale here.

This is the first sale before the pre-sale and consequently the general public sale that would declare the token exchange listing.

VLX Seed Sale Price: 1 ADA = 555 VLX

VLX Token Allocation: 25% (250,000,000)

The Road Ahead For Verlux

Verlux group is presently establishing the user circulation and the total basic design of the marketplace, making it stand apart from currently existing platforms on Cardano Blockchain.

With Verlux, you won’t need to go through the chaotic trouble of registering with an e-mail and password to buy your Favorite collectible on Cardano; all you require is a wallet.